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Processed cheese cooking system hits 50

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THERE are now over 50 RotaTherm Continuous Cooking Systems operating globally.

The DSI RotaTherm Continuous Cooker, available from Gold Peg International Pty Ltd , is Pasteurisation, UHT and aseptic cooking equipment.

It started as an industrial cheese cooker on pasteurisation of processed cheese / analogue cheese and has since evolved into UHT and Aseptic processing of a range of products.

The RotaTherm Continuous Cooker utilises DSI (direct steam injection) technology to fuse steam directly with the product for no over or under cooking.

This industrial cooker delivers no burn-on and superior capability in handling particulates and the full spectrum of viscosities.

It also has pause capability that allows the system to stop and restart without product loss at pasteurisation and minimal at UHT.

Benefits include increased productivity, improved bacteriological safety and product quality, and significant reduction of effluent and waste all with a small footprint.

Combined with being pasteurisation and UHT capable equipment, the RotaTherm excels at long and short continuous production runs.

This industrial DSI cooking technology continues to lead the world in processed cheese cooking.

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