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New steam fusion continuous cooking system

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article image The RotaTherm Continuous Cooker is a flexible direct steam fusion cooker.

THE 'JR' model is a new configuration of the widely adopted RotaTherm Continuous Cooker.

Available from Gold Peg International , the JR RotaTherm system is designed for running R&D trials and has six direct steam injectors to fuse steam with the food product.

It has a general throughput range of 200-800kg/hr with run lengths up to eight hours. Extended run times and increased automation is available by upgrading to an 'X' model.

A JRX RotaTherm system has been purpose built for Jeneil Biotech USA, for R&D purposes. The Jeneil JRX system has an operating rate of 230kg/hr pasteurising for < 72 hours and 120kg/hr UHT for <24 hours.

This system enables customers to trial the advantages of the RotaTherm direct steam fusion cooker, including the significant benefits provided by continuous cooking of R&D product applications at the Jeneil Biotech facility.

The RotaTherm Continuous Cooking system gives manufacturers an edge over traditional processing technology (such as retort and SSHE) as it delivers no product burn-on, constant superior product quality and formulation flexibility - low to high viscosity with/without particulates.

The system is suitable to cook sauces, soups, fruit, dairy desserts, pet food, meat, meat waste, cheese and more - with minimal waste in formulation changeover.

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