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Low throughput continuous cooking systems

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article image Low rate RotaTherm continuous cooker.

ROTATHERM continuous cooking systems are now available that cater to manufacturers with lower throughput rates.

Gold Peg International (GPI), a leading food processing equipment designer and manufacturer, has responded to food processors needs by adding low rate RotaTherm continuous cookers to its range.

The lower throughput models, gives more manufacturers access to the productive and flexible direct steam injection cooker, and the significant benefits offered by continuous cooking.

The low rate RotaTherm continuous cookers offer output rates from 150kg/hr to 2,500kg/hr whilst delivering all the advantages of the direct steam injection continuous cooker.

The RotaTherm system gives manufacturers an edge over traditional processing technology as it delivers no product burn-on, constant product quality, and formulation flexibility.

This continuous cooking system excels at handling highly viscous products, processing particulates up to 25mm, as well as low viscous products such as sauces, dips, fruit, meat, pet food, and dairy desserts.

Product changeover can occur in 10-15 minutes, with a simple cleaning cycle.

The RotaTherm system offers a full range of direct steam injection cooking solutions. Systems are available in pasteurisation, UHT and aseptic configurations, with throughput rates from 40kg/hr to 12,000kg/hr.

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