GPiCS Continuous Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher with No Bath Cook Water from Gold Peg International


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The GPiCS Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher is industrial cooking equipment for producing natural mozzarella, string cheese and a range of pasta filata. The GPiCS enables ingredients to be added to your natural mozzarella. Flavours, powders and more can be added and not lost to bath cook water.

Continuous cooking equipment with 10% less waste
The Mozzarella cheese cooker and stretcher has a more efficient start up and shut down process, resulting in minimal product losses.
  • No bath cook water
  • Ingredients addition ability
  • Quicker and complete CIP is standard supply
  • Continuous runs to equal curd supply
  • Specifically designed and proven non burn steam injectors jets
  • Automated so requires minimal operator activity
  • With minimal losses, loading on secondary processing of whey is reduced
How the GPiCS low pressure cooker works
The low pressure and low shear continuous mozzarella cooker stretcher features direct steam injection technology for heating.
  • Feed hopper gives curd to the feeding pump unit where it is then fed to the direct steam injection cooking section
  • Steam is pushed through the non-burn jets into the chamber specifically developed for Mozzarella cooking
  • Completely enclosed and hygienic so the product is not opened to the environment once fed into the cooker, this allows for ingredient addition and prevents foreign matter
  • The molten curd mass is then kneaded and given final stretching for its consistency
The GPiCS string cheese and pasta filata cooking equipment is designed for products sensitive to pressure and shear that are not easily pumped.

The GPiCS continuous mozzarella cooker stretcher is an extension to Gold Peg’s core cooking and processing equipment range. Gold Peg's innovative RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker has a strong presence in the processed cheese manufacturing market globally. Gold Peg International information and contact details

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