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Direct steam injection RotaTherm continuous cooker available from Gold Peg

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article image Direct steam injection RotaTherm continuous cooker

A direct steam injection trial cooking system based in Kansas City, USA is now available. The heart of the trial system is the RotaTherm continuous cooker.

This trial system is the result of a joint marketing initiative by Scan American Corporation and Gold Peg International , Australia.

With the RotaTherm cooker, ingredients are cooked in a single pass by injecting steam into the product as it is being mixed while moving up the cooking column.

The benefit to the manufacturer is that a consistent, evenly cooked product is produced continuously.

The RotaTherm’s precise HTST cooking achieves high levels of food safety, utilization of expensive functional ingredients and long runs without burn-on.

A wide range of formulations can be cooked through the RotaTherm from low to very high viscous, low to high moisture, with or without particulates.

The RotaTherm continuous cooking system can produce UHT or pasteurized product. Pasteurized product requires refrigeration while UHT products are shelf stable at ambient temperatures.

RotaTherm systems, designed and manufactured by Gold Peg International, Australia, are in operation around the world. Food processors use the RotaTherm system to produce taco meat, pie fills, processed cheese, baby food, meat by-products, pet food and more.

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