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Direct Steam Injection Cooking in Europe

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Cook your product with the new direct steam injection EuroPeg

The EuroPeg is a direct steam injection cooking trial system that is based at Berief Innovativ, Germany.

It is the European trial system of renowned RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system, which is designed and manufactured by Gold Peg International, Australia .  

The EuroPeg trial system forward feeds, direct steam injection cooks, with cooling setup options – direct flash de-aeration, indirect or in a combination.

The cooking mechanism is the direct steam injection RotaTherm Continuous cooker that delivers no product burn-on, excellent viscosity management, constant superior product quality, and formulation flexibility, with pause capability.  

The EuroPeg cooks up to 140°C with throughput rates of about 500 – 1,500 kg/hr (product dependent) and cools to about 25°C.  

Trial results are scaleable to production.   As the RotaTherm® is a continuous cooker, significant advantages are achieved over batch cooking including product consistency, increased productivity and higher yields.  

RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking systems are available in configurations for pasteurization, UHT and Aseptic, with throughput rates from 50kg/hr to 7,500 kg/hr for production and R&D.  

German based Berief Innovativ will be co-ordinating and supporting the European RotaTherm trial schedule.

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