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GOLD Peg International has released the Aseptic RotaTherm system, eliminating the need for expensive refrigeration of the end food product from packaging, through transport to storage on the shelf.

The aseptic system incorporates the advantages of the RotaTherm continuous cooking system while providing aseptically processed product to a filler.

No burn-on, particulate management (up to 25mm) and handling highly viscous products are possible. The Aseptic RotaTherm Cooker extends the options of food products that can be processed aseptically and improves efficiency.

Aseptic processing is the heat sterilisation process that destroys all micro-organisms and spores. This level of processing gives food products a longer (ambient) shelf life. The aseptic product is guaranteed to be free of bacteriological contamination, eliminating the need for refrigeration.

Foods can be processed at prime freshness and peak supply, then stored or shipped at ambient temperature for future use.

The trend in food manufacturing is moving towards consumable products being locally manufactured and globally consumed. As a result manufacturers must deal with spoilage, seasonal supply and lack of refrigeration at destinations both locally and globally. The Aseptic RotaTherm system enables the manufacturers to service their global market with a wider variety of long shelf life products. Simultaneously, refrigerated transport and storage costs are eliminated and the opportunity for consolidated bulk deliveries is a further saving option.

The system can be used for consumer products such as sauces, soups, baby food, desserts, custards, meat, pastes, fruit puree and pet food. It can be also used for industrial foods such as caterers packs, ingredients and high value commodities, or for seasonal food processors as an ingredient or final product.

The Aseptic RotaTherm is a totally enclosed sterile system. The process commences with steam sterilisation of the entire system. The system can run straight to product (not water), minimising start up waste. Throughout the process steam barriers ensure there is no ingress of non-sterile air. The GPI system also uses steam injectors to prevent product suck back. The aseptically processed product is supplied to aseptic packaging in a sealed sterile chamber.

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