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Pre-nail wall frames from Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses

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Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses  is specialised in the production of floor and roof trusses. Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses offers wide range of products which include pre-nail wall frames, roof trusses, multiStrut and SteelWood floor trusses, timber flooring, trussed garage beam and treated timbers.

Pre-nail wall frames from Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses are ideal for standard to complex building like housing, industrial and other commercial applications. Pre-nail wall frames are time saving which can be used at site readily for any specific needs. All the frames are engineered for easy erection and installation. Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses provides all frames that meet the Australian building specifications.

MultiStrut and SteelWood floor trusses are designed and manufactured in such a way that they weigh much lesser than solid timber floors. Conventional timber floor joists are often prone to twist, shrink and bow leading to squeaking of floors, cracking of ceilings and leaks around the baths and shower areas. MultiStrut and SteelWood from Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses minimises the construction time and are delivered to site in ready for use conditions. These floor frames are an ideal alternative solution for traditional solid timber products.

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