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Fasteners, bolts, abrasives and cutting materials from Gold Coast Bolt in

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Gold Coast Bolt in  offers fasteners solution for builders, engineers and marine industries. Gold Coast Bolt in supplies fasteners for engineering sectors. Fasteners are made up of mild steel and high tensile fasteners like bolts, nuts and washers.

Gold Coast Bolt in offers bolts like set screws, cup head, u bolts, coach screws, socket heads, eye bolts, hook bolt, double ended studs, etc. Nuts like hex, left hand, cone lock, flanged, thin, nutserts, nyloc, castellated etc and washers like round, high tensile, spring, round, mud guard, Belleville and nordlock are also offered. Roll pins, pressure plugs, rivets – solid, peel, domed and countersunk, threaded rod – acme, imperial and metric are supplied by Gold Coast Bolt in.

Abrasives like carbide burs, flap discs, cut off wheels, diamond abrasives, wire brushes and wire wheels are offered by Gold Coast Bolt in. Chemicals and adhesives are supplied which include apoxy glues, antiseize, cyber bond, inox, taping fluids, rust converter, primer, silicones, spray grease, lanolin products, welding rods etc.

Gold Coast Bolt in also provides drills and cutting materials like drills, saw blades, taps and dies. Drills like viper, masonry, long series, jobber, multifit, reduced shank, glass and tile, electroplated diamond tipped, morse taper and countersinkers. Saw blades like hole saw, circular saw blades, mandrels, electroplated diamond tipped and circular saw blades are offered. Taps and dies like thread repair kits, imperial, metric and pipe threads are also supplied.

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