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Construction fasteners and hardware from Gold Coast Bolt in

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Gold Coast Bolt in  is a supplier of fasteners to construction, marine, building and engineering industries. Gold Coast Bolt in was established in 1978 and was the first fastener supplier on the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Bolt in is also specialised in the supply of abrasives, builder’s hardware, tools, chemical, safety gear, storage needs and stainless balustrade.

Gold Coast Bolt in supplies all caters to all types of construction fasteners and hardware needs for small and large commercial projects. Mechanical tie-downs are available which include starter bars, cyclone rods, structural assemblies, purlin bolts, power actuated tools and consumables, sleeve anchors like drop in anchors, trubolts, anchor screws and toggles, brackets like joist hangers, pergola bracklets, bracings like U bolts, hinges, angle brackets, wall plugs, cyclone strap and stud ties.

Gold Coast Bolt in offers chemical tie-downs like hammer capsule, chemset, epoxy grout and hammer capsules. Fasteners like screws for wood, drywall, chipboard, decking, machines, metal and wood, self drilling and concrete screws. Stainless steel fasteners like socket head, button head, hex bolts, set screws, nuts, washers nuts, coach screws and spring washers are available. Nails for concrete, fibre roofing, flat head, bullet, timber deck, staples and brads are also available.

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