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iTrax300 family of OEM GPS receivers

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article image iTrax offers ultra-high sensitivity.

FASTRAX Ltd, a leading provider of open and portable OEM GPS software development environments and programmable OEM GPS receivers, has introduced the iTrax300.

This is the latest addition to the company's industry-leading range of OEM GPS receivers.

Available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , the iTrax300 is the first Fastrax product based on the ultra-sensitive SiRFstarIII GSC3 and GSC3-LP chipsets.

The iTrax300 OEM GPS receiver module enables high-performance navigation in the most stringent applications and a solid fix even in demanding GPS environments.

iTrax300 receivers are suitable for both industrial navigation systems and battery operated consumer products such as handheld computers, vehicle navigation devices, sports accessories and mobile phones.

The iTrax300 is pin compatible with the newly released iTrax Multiplatform concept.

The iTrax Multiplatform approach is the first in the industry to provide a common form factor between multiple OEM GPS receiver models with different chipsets.

This allows consumer electronics manufacturers and OEMs to select the optimum receiver for each application, each product and each market segment with minimum development effort.

The new iTrax300 is ideal for customers looking for shortest possible time to market, says Fastrax.

According to Fastrax, the iTrax300's small size, excellent performance in severe urban canyons and superior Time To First Fix offer unmatched value for navigation applications.

User configurable power management makes the iTrax300 one of the lowest power consuming, complete 20-channel OEM GPS receivers on the market.

The Adaptive TricklePower mode enables low power consumption but adapts itself to weak signal conditions with full power acquisition and tracking.

The introduction of a SiRFstarIII GSC3-LP version will further reduce the power consumption.

The Push-to-Fix mode keeps the GPS time and satellite data valid, allowing a fast navigation fix on demand.

Features include:

* iTrax Multiplatform compatible

* SiRFstarIII chipsets (GSC3 and GSC3-LP)

* Tiny form factor - 16.2mm x 18.8mm x 2.3mm

* Low power consumption: 170mW @ 3.0V (GSC3)

* Ultra-High Sensitivity -157dBm (tracking)

* NMEA and SiRF binary protocols

* Two serial ports

* 1PPS output

* GPIO available for custom purposes

* WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS support.

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