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eCOG1X range of microcontrollers available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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Cyan Technology, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, launches a functional USB core to its family of low-power, feature rich 16-bit microcontrollers, the eCOG1X range.

With minimal external components the eCOG1X USB device can act as a USB2.0 full-speed (12Mbs) device in host, peripheral or On The Go (OTG) modes. High-speed (480Mbs) data rates can also be achieved by adding a low-cost external ULPI PHY.

The eCOG1X is the only 16-bit microcontroller on the market today that can achieve this combination of USB modes and data rates.

Powerful features in the eCOG1X USB core result in a large reduction in the amount of code needed to operate the device. A library of support software for numerous USB device classes and common peripherals is provided by Cyan without charge.

These libraries distance the user from the complex low level USB stack required to operate the chosen device, and replace it with high level routines designed for easy understanding and integration.

Using Cyan's CyanIDE integrated development environment, the USB core is included by drag and dropping it into the footprint image of the chosen chip variant.

The software library supporting the chosen device is automatically added to the project, leaving very little work for the user.

Cyan's ability to support OTG mode is particularly noteworthy. The eCOG1X USB core can detect whether it is connected as a host or peripheral device, depending on which plug is inserted.

The operation is dynamic, and subsequent re-configuration can not only be initialised by plugging in the relevant connector type but it may be switched back and forth under software control as the peripheral requests to become the host.

OTG is already used in PDAs and mobile phones but is also of interest in industrial applications, such as data logging and inventory control systems.

The major benefits apply where a handheld or mobile unit connects at different times to a host in one place and peripheral units such as printers, flash disks and remote data monitors.

In this scenario, one single standard interface connection can be used for all functions, removing the need for multiple hardware interfaces.

Paul Johnson, President and CTO at Cyan Technology comments: “Many MCUs have USB protocol controllers integrated on chip but most only support USB as a peripheral device, relying on an external PHY for operation. Cyan's USB core integrated everything to minimise time spent implementing peripheral or OTG USB functionality. This result in smaller memory requirements, faster time to market and lower power consumption for applications using the device, aided by the ease of use delivered via the CyanIDE graphical configuration tool.”

There are four variants of the eCOG1X chip featuring the USB core - the eCOG1X4A5 and eCOG1X5A5 (68-pin QFN), the eCOG1X14B5 (100-pin QFN) and the eCOG1X14Z5 (208-pin BGA). All chips are available now.

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