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USB security dongle available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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FTDI, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution has introduced the DLP-D security dongle, now provided in a plastic enclosure which uses the FTDIChip-ID identification feature that is readable over USB but cannot be altered by any means.

Since each FTDIChip-ID is unique, this device provides a way of linking application software to a specific hardware dongle with a high level of security.

In addition to utilising the DLP-D dongle to directly tie hardware to application software, the serial number can be encrypted and then stored in the user area of the DLP-D.

The data stored in the integrated EEPROM user area can contain information in addition to the serial number such as date and time information or the name of the person the device is registered to.

The EEPROM user area is accessible using the USB driver’s EEPROM user area functions: FT_EE_UASize, FT_EE_UAWrite and FT_EE_UARead.

Demonstration software written in both Visual C++ and Visual Basic are available with purchase of the DLP-D Dongle. They demonstrate how to read the serial number, read from and write to the user area, and determine the user area’s size.

The DLP-D is compatible with the SafeGuard-IT ActiveX control for security applications.

  • DLP-D Datasheet
  • CDM Drivers for DLP-D

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