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Telit Communications quad-band GE864 module

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Telit Communications, a leading international mobile technology innovator, has been awarded PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) certification for its GE864 module. With this certification, the world's small quad-band GSM/GPRS module has cleared the last regulatory hurdle for use in the North American market. PTCRB certification is a regulatory requirement needed, in order to sell GSM cellular communication products in the North American market.

Telit Wireless Solutions develops, produces and markets GSM/GPRS modules and solutions for machine-to-machine communication (m2m). Telit’s technology provides the basis for machines, equipment or vehicles to interface with each other via mobile communications networks. The GE864 allows m2m communications to move into application areas, where module size is a critical issue. The GE864 is ideal for wearable devices and consumer-oriented location-based services, among others.

Due to its external dimensions of just 30 x 30 x 2.8 mm and a weight of seven grams, the GE864 is especially ideal for applications, where a sub-compact form-factor is required. With the GE864, Telit becomes the world's first and only module manufacturer to offer a GSM / GPRS module with a ball grid array (BGA) installation concept.

BGA is based on tiny solder balls placed on the underside of a module, which allows for direct mounting to the application circuit board, without the need for plugs, cables, or connectors. The module can now be assembled using an automated pick-and-place assembly for standard SMD components. This not only reduces material costs, but also installation time and assembly costs.

The board-to-board BGA mounting is stable and reliable. Together, the compact shape and reduced assembly costs are crucial advantages for use in cost-sensitive applications, such as those for the consumer market. The GE864 is the market's only module viable for large scale production in this category.
This certification proves that Telit’s modules meet and exceed the necessary requirements for North America, which is one of the fast growing GSM markets in the world. With PTCRB certification, Telit is primed to be the module vendor of choice in North America.

The seal of approval from the CTIA industry association ensures products satisfy the requirements of the American variants of the GSM / GPRS network standard. To receive certification, devices must exhibit US-specific features such as Adaptive Multi Rate (MR) and 850 /1900 MHz frequency bands. Testing is carried out by an accredited testing lab.

Telit's modules, because they are quad-band devices, can be used all over the world, where GSM/GPRS coverage is available. The quad-band capability of the GE864, with its virtually global regulatory compliance means that applications that have been developed for special vertical segments in the European market can be marketed to these verticals worldwide.

There are at least ten times more machines, equipment, vehicles and robots than there are humans in the world, creating a critical need to transfer information efficiently between machines or from machines to humans. The relatively new m2m industry delivers increased efficiency, time savings, improved customer orientation and greater flexibility.

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