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Revolutionising small user interfaces

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Univision (available through Glyn ) has released a new low cost 0.87" 104x16 pixel mono OLED module.

It offers manufacturers a display to revolutionise small user interfaces. The optical clarity of this tiny display measuring just 31x9mm leaves all other display technologies in its wake. The module is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including audio, consumer, measurement equipement and caller ID.

With contrast ratios in up to 1000:1, brightness up to 200cd/m², viewing angles of over 170° and ultra fast response times allowing motion video, those yellow green character displays of the past can be replaced with the latest OLED display technology from today!

Whilst OLED's have been accepted as having superior optical qualities than alternative technologies such as LCD's; lifetime, price and operating temperature have been major factors limiting the applications where OLED's can be used. Dramatic improvement in OLED process technology overcomes these problems and this display has a half life of 15k hours, and an operating temperature at -20° to +70°with prices competitive over LCD technologies.

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