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RF-Solved evaluation kit from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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Cyan, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , has launched RF-Solved evaluation kit.

The RF-Solved evaluation kit contains everything needed to create a basic two node network, enabling examination of the features and capabilities of a Cy-Net ISM band solution.

The RF-Solved evaluation kit primarily consists of two AM001 modules based on the Cyan Hunter reference design, which includes the eCOG1kG microcontroller pre-programmed with the Cy-Net v2.0 stack and a Micrel Radiowire RF transceiver.

Cy-Net is an extended version of Micrel’s proprietary network protocol, Micrelnet and can support star and multi-level tree network topologies.

Cy-Net also has self-forming and self-healing networking capabilities, advanced power management (active listening), and optional AT command (modem) interface.

With its flexible hardware interface, for the acquisition and control of a wide range of signals, the AM001 can be part of a standalone RF network, or it can be retrofitted to an existing network of devices that require wireless communication as an RF modem. The development system enables the rapid design of complete solutions with no prior knowledge of RF design techniques, RF standards, or networking.

Cy-Net can be easily and quickly customised to provide features beyond the scope of competing standards-based solutions. Unused memory, processing power and peripherals are available for use in customer's own application.

Typical applications include intelligent remote sensors, smart utility meter reading, (AMR and AMI), security systems, and industrial and home automation.

Each AM001 module is supported by an AM002 carrier board which provides power via external supply or batteries, serial comms and eICE interface. Using the serial port, the modules can be configured using the AT command set. Also included in the kit is the Cyan USB eICE adapter which allows the customer to access the eCOG1 microcontroller to customise the network software and exploit unused memory and instruction cycles.

A demonstration depicts the nodes in the network in a graphical environment, with distance / signal strength represented by the length of line from the master.

Additional modules and carrier boards are available to increase the size of the network. Kit and module versions are available in 433 and 915MHz. An 868MHz version is also available for applications targeted for deployment in Europe.

Obfuscated stack source code is available on the Cyan website. Design documentation (software, bill-of-materials, and schematics) can be made available to customers wishing to incorporate the AM001 Hunter reference design into their own designs either wholly or in modified form.

Kit features

  • eCOK1kG microcontroller pre-programmed with Cy-Net v2 stack
  • Micrel Radiowire RF transceiver
  • Configuration via AT command set.
  • Customisation via eICE interface and CyanIDE toolchain
  • Graphical demonstration of network in operation

Kit includes

  • 2x AM001 Cy-Net modules
  • 2x AM002 carrier boards
  • eICE USB adapter
  • USB lead
  • Serial lead
  • CyanIDE tools and documentation on CD
  • Battery holder and batteries

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