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Next generation GSM/GPRS module

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TELIT Communications Spa, represented by Glyn High-Tech Distribution , has released their latest QUAD band RoHS compliant GSM/GPRS modems now with A-Tick certification for Australia and New Zealand.

The GM862-QUAD module is the next generation of the established GM862 product family that continues Telit's success story in the field of easy to integrate GSM/GPRS modules for all industrial m2m applications.

The development focus of the GM862-QUAD was on Pin-to-Pin compatibility to all existing GM862 based products, but adding Quad-Band functionality and RoHS compliance.

The ruggedised design, extended temperature range and integrated SIMCard reader makes the GM862-QUAD the ideal platform for medium volume projects.

The GM862-QUAD-PY offers the possibility to run customer programs inside the module, thus making the module a complete hardware platform for individual customer solutions.

The A-Tick certified GE863-QUAD module, formerly known as Trizium, is the latest generation of the Trizium product family, adding Quad-Band functionality and RoHS compliance as well as additional new features.

The unique Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) package enables a very low profile and small product size to design extremely compact applications.

Since all connectors are eliminated, the solution cost is significantly reduced compared to conventional mounting concepts.

With its low profile design and extended temperature range, the Telit GE863-QUAD is the perfect platform for all compact, medium- and high-volume m2m applications.

All Telit GSM/GPRS modems include the following features:

* Jamming detection - detects when all GSM channels are interfered and raises IO port pin and/or send SOS on RACH channel.

* Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack - client/server FTP, supports TCP/UDP, built-in Firewall.

* Easy scan - SIMless scan and report of available networks.

* Camera - direct support of an embedded camera gives extended functionality to the application at no additional cost.

* Easy GPRS - establish "virtual" serial connection between application software on the Internet and the controller of the TElit GPRS module.

These features allow one consistent product for all global GSM networks and give a significant cost advantage by saving approval and logistic costs.

State of the art IIC interfaces give connectivity to external peripherals like sensors, cameras and displays.

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