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New radio modules available from GLYN High-Tech Distribution

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article image 433MHz IRIS radio modules

TRL-Funksysteme GmbH, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, has introduced its 433MHz IRIS radio modules for simplified wireless networking.

A typical IRIS system consists of a group of IRIS units arranged in a tree structure connected to each other by radio.

The top unit is the concentrator in the system and the connection to end-user via, e.g. a serial interface, a web-module or a GSM-module.

The other units in the system are connected to various electronic equipments via I/O and serial interface or acts as repeaters to enable communication over longer distances.

IRIS units can, besides being a part of a radio network, work in pairs and work as standalone units.

The new IRIS BASE modules are especially small and can be installed in virtually all devices, machines and systems without problem for the bidirectional radio transmission of data.

The radio data modules are designed to permit high ranges of up to 1000 m in open space at 10mW transmission power and represent a cost-effective solution for many applications.

The IRIS radio data modules are equipped with a serial RS 232 or RS 485 interface, so that the link to already existing devices or bus systems can be quickly implemented.

In the standard version, six digital inputs and outputs, as well as six analogue inputs, are available for communication. The signals are automatically coded and decoded according to the IRIS protocol, greatly simplifying the application of radio technology for the user.

The compact modules (42 x 51 x 11 mm) find use in such applications as remote counter read-out, M2M interfaces, in vending machines and game machines, in telecontrol and telemetry systems, in measured data transfer, traffic telematics, teleguidance of hoisting gear, or in warehouse logistics.

Radio data modules are used wherever running cables is too costly or too unfavourable, for both the acquisition of decentralised data, e.g. with remote counter read-out, or the remote acquisition of the current fill level of vending machines.

The modules are available in all common frequencies and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. They operate with up to 69 channels (433MHz) within the permitted bandwidth, resulting in particularly high transmission reliability.

The bidirectional functional principle enables sending and receiving data with a single module.

A radio solution with IRIS radio data modules is less expensive than GSM solutions both in purchase price and in operating costs.

Moreover, the Bluetooth technology used in this solution is clearly good in terms of range.

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