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New iWRAP firmware for Bluegiga’s Bluetooth modules from GLYN High-Tech Distribution

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An evaluation version of new iWRAP firmware for Bluegiga’s WT11 and WT12 Bluetooth modules is now available from GLYN High-Tech Distribution .

iWRAP 3.0 beta will introduce several additional functions such as Bluetooth HID and DI profiles and remote configuration over a Bluetooth link.

WT11 and WT12 are class 1 and class 2 respectively, next-generation, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) modules. Both modules introduce three times faster data rates compared to existing Bluetooth 1.2 modules even with lower power consumption.

WT11 and WT12 are highly integrated and sophisticated Bluetooth modules, containing all the necessary elements from Bluetooth radio to antenna and a fully implemented protocol stack.

Therefore WT11 and WT12 provide an ideal solution for developers who want to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into their design with limited knowledge of Bluetooth and RF technologies.

iWRAP 3.0 beta will feature the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (v. 1.5) (HFP)
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio Gateway Profile (v. 1.5)
  • Bluetooth OBEX Object Push Profile (OPP)
  • Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) Profile (keyboard)
  • Bluetooth Device ID Profile (DI)

Other new features in iWRAP 3.0 beta:

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) configuration
  • Pairing with PAIR {addr} command
  • Piconet clock state reading with CLOCK {link_id} command
  • Enabling Bypass UART enabling with iWRAP commands
  • Remote device identification with IDENT {addr} command

HFP and HFP-AG profiles offer full-duplex GSM quality audio over a Bluetooth link plus call and SMS control with AT commands.

The new profile support makes iWRAP ideal for all kinds of audio applications, such as automotive audio systems, point to point audio applications, audio accessories and systems where simultaneous audio and data transfer are needed.

HID profile will offer keyboard emulation over a Bluetooth link, allowing one to use iWRAP as a wireless keyboard for controlling devices such as PCs, PDAs and mobile phones over a Bluetooth link.

OTA feature will enable one to change iWRAP settings and execute iWRAP commands wireless over a Bluetooth link and there is no need for physical access.

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