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Mitsubishi Electric’s fifth generation IGBT modules available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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Mitsubishi Electric, represented by Glyn High-Tech Distribution , have introduced their fifth generation IGBT modules developed using the new CSTBT chips, which combine the advantages of trench IGBT with its low loss and planar IGBT with its versatility.

The fifth generation IGBT modules have taken applications away from both MOSFET modules and Bipolar Darlington modules as they operate in hard switching applications upwards of 20kHz and higher in soft switching applications.

These IGBT modules serve the lower 1 to 10kHz range, which was previously dominated by Bipolar Transistor modules, up to 1MW applications.

The development of the fifth generation IGBT modules has allowed for peripheral circuits to be built into power modules in a cost effective manner through the development of the IPM (Intelligent Power Module).

Mitsubishi Electric IPMs are advanced hybrid power devices that combine high speed, low loss IGBTs with optimised gate drive and protection circuitry.

Effective over-current and short-circuit protection is realised through the use of advanced current sense IGBT chips that allow continuous monitoring of power device current.

System reliability is enhanced by the IPM’s integrated over temperature and under voltage lock out protection. Compact and automatically assembled IPMs are designed to reduce system size, cost, and time to market.

IGBT and IPM are developed for higher frequency operation to provide a “noiseless” inverter, operating above the audible range. Additional requirements include precise servo motor controllers, higher efficiency and compact and low noise UPS systems.

Mitsubishi Electric’s fifth generation IPMs have also been developed for renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic generation, wind power generation and fuel cells.

Mitsubishi Electric have also developed DIP-IPM (Dual In-Line Intelligent Power Module) including the Super Mini DIP-IPM version 4 line-up which is suitable for household electric appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and low power industrial motor drives.

The fifth generation IGBT modules’ line up covers the range from 50A to 1400A and 250V to 1700V. IPM series covers the range from 25A to 800A, 600V to 1200V. DIP-IPM series covers the range from 3A to 50A, 600V/1200V.

Typical applications for Mitsubishi IGBT and IPM include:

  • General purpose inverters
  • UPS
  • Power converters/conditioners for solar power, wind power and fuel cell
  • AC servo amplifier
  • Motor control
  • Welder
  • Medical equipment (CT scanners, MRI)
  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Electric train
  • Electric cars

The Mitsubishi Electric IGBT and IPM have been designed to exacting standards for the key ratings and characteristics required to provide optimum performance for switching operation.

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