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Mitsubishi Electric releases 3.5 GHz band 30 W GaAs FET for WiMAX base station power amplifier

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WiMAX is expected to become the standard in high-speed broadband wireless communication systems that provide higher mobile data transmission and expanding local wireless networks.

Demand is rising for low-current, low-distortion devices in order to build WiMax base stations with a more compact, high-performance design as well as low installation and running costs.

In response to this need, Mitsubishi Electric has developed an internally matched power GaAs FET MGFC45B3436B by utilising a newly developed FET chip and an internal independently matched circuit to achieve lower distortion levels during low-current operation.

This newly developed device will make WiMax base stations more compact and will improve operational as well as cost performance.


Improved distortion levels during low-current operation:

The new internal independently matched circuit developed by factoring in harmonic components and an FET chip optimised for each frequency band reduce problems caused by variations in wafer processing and assembly.

The low-current low-distortion design gives the device an adjacent-channel leakage power ratio (ACPR) of -45 dBc, which is 8 dB lower than Mitsubishi’s other models

Industry standard metal-ceramic packaging:

Mitsubishi Electric uses the same metal-ceramic package used in its previous models with the same exact dimensions to make replacing existing amplifiers easy.

Mitsubishi Electric will add product variations for different frequencies (MGFC45B3336C, MGFC45B3538C, MGFS45B2527C, MGFS45B2325C) and a high power version (MGFC47B3436C) to its existing line.

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