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Maxwell Ultracapacitor modules available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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By combining its Boostcap ultracapacitors with cell balancing, monitoring, and thermal management components, Maxwell Technologies, available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution, has developed 125V ultracapacitor modules that can provide energy storage and power delivery in heavy duty hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and industrial equipment.

In target applications such as hybrid buses and trucks, and in electric rail vehicles, the HTM BMOD0063P125 modules will be used to recover braking energy and provide torque assist.

Industrial applications include hybrid cranes and fuel cell powered forklifts where the modules can satisfy peak power requirements.

According to Maxwell, it [the module] meets or exceeds transportation industry requirements for watthours of energy storage and watts of power delivery per kilogram, and is designed to perform reliably through one million or more deep charge/discharge cycles, which equates to more than 15 years of operational life.

The 125V modules serve as building blocks in the target applications. Up to 12 modules may be connected in series to accommodate operating voltages as high as 1500 V.

The HTM BMOD0063125 units are similar to the company’s existing modules, but use larger, 3000F ultracapacitors.

Integrated monitoring capabilities and forced air cooling enable the new modules to sustain continuous currents up to 150 A with minimal temperature increase in high temperature environments.

In addition to managing high current, this module is built to withstand the harsh environments and highly demanding duty cycles that are typical with heavy transportation applications.

Proprietary design refinements and material science also are significantly reducing manufacturing cost, positioning Maxwell to compete favourably with other energy storage alternatives.

The HTM BMOD0063125 is encased in a rugged, splash-proof, IP 65 compliant, aluminium chassis, weighs less than 50 kg and measures 315 mm x 425 mm x 744 mm.

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