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High-Output MOSFETs for Commercial Radios

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Starting July 2006, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , will begin shipping samples of three new types of 7.2V power amplifier MOSFETs for commercial radio that have achieved industry-leading output.

The demand for commercial radios used by police and fire departments, municipalities, and private businesses to support greater communication distances is growing. As a result, higher output from power amplification components (MOSFETs) mounted on power amplifiers is essential.

By utilising optimal production processes for each frequency band, Mitsubishi has developed three varieties of MOSFETs that generate industry-leading output, for use in 7.2V portable commercial radio power amplifiers.

The company says these MOSFETs are perfect for portable commercial radios requiring higher output.

RD12MVP1, operating in the VHF band frequency, is able to deliver an output power of more than 10W, a 43% increase from previous models.

RD09MUP2, with UHF band frequency has an output of more than 8W, a 14% increase from previous models.

RD05MMP1 is a new product in the 900MHz band and has an output power of more than 5.5W.

Mitsubishi Electric also plans to begin shipment of products that operate with 12.5V automobile batteries by the end of 2007.

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