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Headset codec with USB 2.0 interface

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article image Full integrated headset codec.

MICRONAS has announced the availability of its UAC 355xB high performance system-on-chip family for VoIP telephony, USB phone and PC headset applications.

Available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , the UAC355xB is a fully integrated headset codec (stereo audio ADC and DAC) with a DSP and a USB 2.0 full-speed interface controller.

The integrated DSP handles all common sample rates and supports audio processing such as volume, bass, and treble. The programmable 5-band parametric equaliser enables adjustments of the frequency response of the applied headphone. Dynamic bass management is also provided.

Integrated amplifiers allow direct headset connection including a subwoofer output with internal split filter. The microphone signal can be mixed to the USB audio data for sidetone or karaoke applications.

UAC355xB supports 16-bit mono/stereo and 24-bit stereo for playback (D/A converter), and 8-bit mono and 16-bit mono/stereo for record (A/D converter).

Performance figures include THD better than -85dB and SNR of 96 dB (typ.) for the D/A converter and THD better than -85dB and SNR of 92 dB (typ.) for the A/D converter.

Generic ISO-playback endpoint is also provided for various applications (Dolby Digital, MP3) via the I2S I/O interface.

The USB 2.0 full-speed interface controller uses the general-purpose inputs and outputs to connect volume and mute buttons, LEDs, etc. USB HID device class for audio controls is supported.

Via I2C master and appropriate PC application software, more complex peripherals can be controlled. The UAC 355xB itself can be remote-controlled via I2C slave operation. This allows communication pipelining between a peripheral I2C system controller and the USB host.

The use of an external EEPROM allows programmable VID/PID, strings, and even more complex customization with “plug-ins”. These are small downloadable code sections, which can be added to the internal ROM.

UAC355xB is available in PMQFP64-2 and PQFN64-1 packages. Members of the UAC355xB family include the UAC3556B and UAC3554B with UAC3556B being a USB codec with standard ROM firmware and bootloader for 8KB firmware download.

UAC3554B is the mask-programmed version. A USB audio DAC (UAC3553B) is also available in PMQFP44-1 package if microphone input is not required.

Reference designs, application boards and SDK are available.

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