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Glyn High-Tech Distribution offers system design for GPRS communication

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Atmel and Telit Communications PLC, known in the field of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, disclosed recently that Telit has been harnessing the expertise of Atmel for the development of its high-performance M2M modules.

The GE863-PRO3 is the first product in Telit's dual-processor range to feature an Atmel AT91SAM9260 ARM9-based processor running the application in tandem with a dedicated processor for GPRS communication.

It provides high processing power and flexibility to support today's changing M2M market that demands more advanced features and more processing power at shorter intervals.

Its standard form factor and easy integration make the Telit module particularly useful for applications such as POS terminals or fleet management. The GE863-PRO3 is launched in Q4 2007.

The core of the GE863-PRO is the AT91SAM9260, an ARM9-based embedded processor from Atmel that delivers processing power above 200 MIPS.

Whereas in the past just one sub-50 MIPS microcontroller took care of alternate communication and application tasks, the additional AT91SAM9260 processor now controls only real-time applications, while the second GPRS processor in the GE863-PRO handles time-critical GPRS communications transactions.

Advantages for end users and systems integrators

The GE863-PRO is designed as a small footprint platform that can be easily adapted to rapidly changing demand in the M2M market without the need to re-design the hardware.

This is assured by a standard form factor, tried-and-tested BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly and sufficient integrated memory for software applications. It thus facilitates short time-to-market with a simultaneous reduction in development costs for applications.

"By selecting a dual processor approach and using a high performance standard microcontroller supported by an extensive eco-system to run the application layers, integrating future demand becomes less time consuming, lower risk and less costly.”

“With its core values of investment protection, easy integration, high quality and scalability, Telit is focusing precisely on the aspects that will in future be the key determinants of success in the M2M market," said Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel's ARM Product Marketing Director.

Targeted use through flexibility

Telit's PRO professional dual-processor range can be adapted to the particular needs of specialist areas due to a number of expansion options. The WiFi add-on WA100-DUAL, for example, facilitates the wireless connections over short distances that are needed for fleet management.

Hand-held devices and scanners on the loading ramp can thus transfer information on stock management or facilitate data transfer with trucks.

Stability due to expert partners

In view of the company's many years' experience in microcontrollers and its good support, Telit has chosen Atmel for close collaboration in product development. Telit has already integrated a previous generation of Atmel's ARM7-based microcontrollers into its products.

"The good results of this cooperation and the availability of a high performance ARM9 Embedded Microprocessor in a 10x10 mm BGA package were the foundation of our decision to integrate Atmel's AT91SAM9260 in our PRO professional dual-processor range too," says Dominikus Hierl, President of Telit Wireless Solutions.

"The successful launch of the GE863-PRO confirms our decision to continue relying on Atmel processors."

The GE863-PRO is available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution .

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