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GLYN High-Tech Distribution launches Jennic JN5139 ZigBee evaluation kit

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GLYN High-Tech Distribution   in conjunction with Jennic is launching a promotional campaign for the new JN5139 ZigBee evaluation kit.

A promotional pricing is designed to lower the barrier to entry in the ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 market and to make it more cost effective for OEMs to equip their entire engineering teams with tools for wireless product development.

This move was done in response to numerous feedbacks from GLYN High-Tech Distribution’s OEM customer base wishing to provide its entire engineering teams with Jennic development hardware to reduce its time to market.

This pricing also places the Jennic kits within the range of smaller companies wishing to enter the ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 market as OEMs or third party developers.

The JN5139-EK010 ZigBee Evaluation Kit contains the following items:

  • 1 Controller Board with large LCD display, plug-in ZigBee module with SMA connector
  • 2 Sensor Boards with plug-in ZigBee module with SMA connector (pre-configured as router)
  • 2 Sensor Boards with plug-in ZigBee module with integrated ceramic antenna (pre-configured as end device)
  • 2 plug-in high-power ZigBee modules with SMA connector
  • 3 SMA-connector antennas
  • 2 USB-to-TTL Serial converter cables (FTDI)
  • 1 pack of 10 AAA batteries for the boards
  • 1 CD-ROM containing software and user documentation
  • Daintree Networks Sensor Network Analyser software
The controller board and four sensor boards are delivered pre-programmed with a Home Sensor Demonstration application that emulates a building control and monitoring system, enabling a quick evaluation of the ZigBee wireless sensor network technology.

Each sensor board remotely monitors the temperature, humidity and lighting levels with the data regularly transmitted to the controller board where it is displayed on the LCD.

The plug-in ZigBee modules on each sensor board are also interchangeable and reprogrammable making it more flexible as a prototyping kit.

The application program on each plug-in ZigBee module can be modified and re-flashed using Code::Blocks IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Jennic’s Flash Programmer software, and USB-to-TTL Serial converter cable. Code::Blocks is an open source, cross-platform IDE and Jennic’s version is a full-featured IDE with project manager, source code editor, C compiler, linker, debugger, and user-defined tools.

The evaluation kit is also provided with a Jennic-specific version of CygWin Linux emulator using Command Line Interface.

The Daintree Networks Sensor Network Analyser (SNA) combines a powerful protocol analyser with network visualisation, measurements and diagnostics for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee applications.

The analyser provides automatic display of network formation, topology changes, and device state changes allowing rapid detection of incorrect network behaviour and identification of device or network failures.

The controller board and the four sensor boards are also provided with a 40-pin expansion connector allowing direct access to the JN5139 wireless microcontroller pins, making prototyping for custom applications much easier.

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