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GG863-SR GSM/GPRS Gateway for short range protocol stacks available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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Telit introduces the GG863-SR, an all-in-one gateway solution available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution . The GG863-SR gateway solution has an innovative approach focusing on data transmission in smart metering systems, home and industrial automation, security, healthcare, urban and landscape markets.

The GG863-SR gateway solution brings together the GSM/GPRS and short-range technology, hosting programmable GE863-PRO³ and any of the short-range modules from Telit.

Time to market and total cost of the final application are reduced thanks to the possibility of choosing among different ISM bands (433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz and 2.4GHz), protocol stacks (ZigBee, M-bus or proprietary), network topologies (Star, Mesh, 802.15.4/ZigBee) and coverage (from 70m to 4km).

Full user application supporting all gateway functionalities runs on the ARM9 integrated in the GG863-SR and manages data sending and receiving, set up and other operations related to GSM/GPRS or short-range network and web interface through a dedicated API developed by Telit. The behavior of the gateway can be customized through the embedded Linux complete development environment and dedicated libraries for GSM and short range, thus simplifying integration in a final application.

Gateway application enables direct data exchange between a remote IP Host and each node of the short-range domain, completely transparent to an external IP host, including all short-range functionalities inside the gateway. This approach allows data acquisition and control of all nodes through an IP-based host application with minimal knowledge about the network. Network management and functionalities are also provided on a dedicated web interface. The GG863-SR also includes programmable GPIOs that can be used for monitoring and controlling other external devices and standard mini USB 2.0 port.

All Telit products comply with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive of the European Union (EU Directive 2002/95/EG).

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