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GE864 modules for telematics and automotive industries available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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article image The Telit GE864 module product family is ideal for use in telemetric and automotive applications

International specialist in machine-to-machine technology, Telit Wireless Solutions, whose products are available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , recently announced the delivery of the two-millionth GE864 GSM/GPRS module, most widely employed in the telematics and automotive industries.

"Customers in the telematics and automotive industries place special demands on our products. On the one hand, the products must demonstrate a high degree of innovation, on the other, they need to fulfil requirements such as maximum durability in the field and high quality standards," says Dominikus Hierl, Managing Director Strategic Accounts & Corporate Business Development at Telit Communications PLC.

"Telit has developed GE864-QUAD Automotive, a version of the module designed specifically for the automotive industry. Starting from 2013, practically all vehicles will come equipped with an internet connection and an automatic emergency call function. The Telit module is set to play a key role in the implementation of this new functionality," he adds. 

Within its GE864 module product family, Telit offers the extremely compact format GSM/GPRS quad-band module. Its reduced dimensions (30 x 30 x 3 mm), and reliable, energy-efficient operation, make the model suitable for use in large-volume applications in the telemetry and telematics industries, in addition to terminals for data transfer, remote maintenance and remote surveillance.

Moreover, the GE864 product family stands out on account of its quad-band support, RoHS compliance and increased temperature tolerance. The module can operate in an extended temperature range of between -40°C to +85°C and comes equipped with a powerful, energy-saving baseband processor. The telemetry modules also support the integration of customer-specific programs, via Python.

The GE864-QUAD automotive module is a result of Telit's research and development into solutions for the growing consumer need for the same functionality from their vehicle as any other mobile terminal. The GE864-QUAD automotive module is produced according to ISO/TS16949 and validated during the Production Part Approval Process (PAPP), to ensure compliance with the quality standards applicable in the automotive industry.

Its sturdy construction and long service life, make the module especially well suited for use in vehicles. In addition, its extended temperature range and improved resistance to mechanical loads and harsh environmental conditions guarantee interference free and error free use. Its new chipset makes the GE864-QUAD automotive module even more powerful, while still maintaining the module's low-energy consumption.

Telit also recently announced the GE864-QUAD automotive module's ability to integrate eCall features. eCall is an automatic emergency call system for vehicles, initiated by the European Union, which will soon have vehicle manufacturers in a position to install this functionality in all vehicle systems.

Finally, Telit has developed the GE864-QUAD Atex module according to strict EU ATEX (ATmosphère Explosible) standards especially to meet heightened requirements in respect of protection from explosion. Maximum intrinsic safety makes the module a secure option for use in the critical atmospheres.

The GE864-QUAD Atex module can be integrated into applications which operate in potentially explosive atmospheres, or linked to other applications that do so. Its compact size, extended temperature range and ESD and EMC compliance, makes the GE864-QUAD Atex the ideal platform for all Atex M2M markets, whether for OEMs or aftermarket applications.

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