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GE863-PRO3 GSM/GPRS module available from GLYN High-Tech Distribution

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article image GE863-PRO3 GSM/GPRS module

Telit, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution , has released GE863-PRO3, Telit’s new product generation derived from the reliable BGA GE863 product family.

The GE863-PRO3 includes a quad-band GSM/GPRS class 10 engine as well as a dedicated ARM9 application processor (the ATMEL standard microcontroller AT91SAM9260) and Flash and RAM memories.

The proven unique Telit Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) package concept enables a low profile and a small product size to design compact applications.

Since all connectors are eliminated, the solution cost is significantly reduced compared to conventional mounting concepts.

Furthermore due to the successful cooperation with ATMEL, the dimensions of the ARM package have been considerably decreased so that customers can reduce the dimensions of the entire system that integrates GPRS, the additional processor and the memories, giving a competitive advantage in comparison to a non integrated architecture and maintaining at the same time the flexibility of a standard ATMEL ARM9 product (AT91SAM9260).

With its low profile design and extended programming capabilities in C++ and/or Python, fast ROM and RAM plus power management, 4MB serial flash (expandable) and 8MB SDRAM (standard) expandable up to 64MB for custom designs, the Telit GE863-PRO3 is the perfect and complete hardware platform for all compact customer solutions.

Interfaces such as SPI, IIC, SD/MMC and USB give connectivity to external peripherals (camera, keyboard, display), complementary short range wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee) and position location technology (GPS) for which Telit can offer complete reference designs.

The ARM core also includes real-time OS (LINUX), multitasking and fully available 200MIPS, fundamental for complex and demanding real-time applications.

However Telit can also provide products without operating system giving with these an unlimited possibility for clients who want to use their own system environment on these modules.

Other than the above mentioned features, the Telit dual-core GE863-PRO3 maintains the following functionalities:

  • East GPRS (aT driven embedded TCP/IP protocol stack, including FTP client)
  • Easy scan (full GSM frequency scanning)
  • Jamming detect and report (detect the presence of disturbing devices)
  • CMUX
  • SAP (SIM access profile)
  • Multisocket

From the interface point of view, the GE863-PRO3 provides the following:

  • 1 full GSM engine RS232 UART, CMOS level (ASC0) interface for AT commands:

Auto-bauding from 2.4 up to 57.6 Kbps
Fixed baud rate up to 115.2 Kbps

  • 1 full ARM9 RS232 USART, CMOS level (UART0) interface for AT command drive
  • 3 four wires ARM9 RS232 USART, CMOS level
  • 2 two wires ARM9 RS232 UART, CMOS level
  • 2 ARM9 SPI interfaces for up to 18 slaves
  • 1 ARM9 image sensor interface ITU-B 601/656
  • 1 ARM9 IIC bus
  • 1 ARM9 ISO7816 T0/T1 SAM/smartcard interface
  • 1 ARM9 SD/MMC multimedia card interface
  • 1 ARM9 synchronous serial controller (I2S) interface for digital audio
  • 1 ARM9 Ethernet controller
  • 4 ARM9 ADC with ADC trigger input
  • 6 ARM9 DAC (PWM)
  • 1 ARM9 USB device port
  • 2 ARM9 USB host port
  • 2 ARM9 clock output pins
  • 1 ARM9 debug trace serial port
  • 1 ARM9 JTAG debug port
  • 2 analogue GSM audio path
  • SIM card interface, 3 volts and 1.8 volts
  • 90 ARM9 + 9 GSM GPIO ports (maximum)
  • 1 GSM buzzer output
  • 1 GSM alarm output
  • 1 GSM led status output indicator

Customers can use standard Atmel development tools while Telit will also be releasing a GE863-PRO3 evaluation kit to facilitate customer evaluation and development.

GE863-PRO3 samples are available now.

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