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Fastrax releases new GPS Module IT500

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Fastrax, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , releases a new GPS module IT500 in time for its 10th Anniversary celebration. The Fastrax IT500 GPS module boasts impressive test results in acquisition and navigation sensitivity as well as power consumption and navigation performance. The fix rate of up to 10Hz improves data-logging capabilities of GPS applications and creates a wide range of new opportunities.

Fastrax has built a reputation as a trusted and competent player in the GPS industry during the 10 years of the company’s history. The product portfolio is large and comprises everything from GPS NMEA modules based on best chipsets from several different suppliers, to unique programmable GPS modules, asset tracking platforms and state of the art Software GPS solutions.

Features of the Fastrax IT500 GPS module:

  • Fastrax IT500 has 66 acquisition channels and 22 tracking channels, which is significantly higher than the current market norm.
  • The new GPS receiver module has a market leading cold start sensitivity of -148dBm and navigation sensitivity of -165dBm, which enable high performance navigation in the most demanding applications and environments, and a solid fix even in harsh GPS visibility environments.
  • Low power consumption and the unique sensitivity make IT500 well suited for both asset tracking and navigation systems and battery operated consumer products like personal navigation devices, handheld computers and sports accessories.
  • With its compact design and optional built-in USB 2.0 interface, Fastrax IT500 is also an ideal receiver for GPS mouse and Mini PCI card applications.
  • The compatibility with Fastrax multiplatform design allows designers to address several customer and market requirements with a single hardware design.
  • New Fastrax IT500 GPS module sets higher performance benchmark with respect to sensitivity and power consumption – the unique sensitivity allows reliable operation even in covert installations.
Fastrax IT500 GPS module uses Mediatek’s MT3329 GPS chipset. Fastrax IT500 samples and volume production quantities are available now.

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