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Fast, feature-rich 16-bit Flash MCU

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article image More performance with the eCOG1X.

CYAN Technology’s new low power, multi-purpose 16-bit Flash microcontroller family is three times faster than its predecessor.

Available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution , the eCOG1X has up to 512KB Flash, increased performance and new peripherals for more demanding applications.

Cyan has introduced a much more powerful microcontroller family to its eCOG range, featuring more on-chip Flash and important new peripherals including USB2.0 OTG and 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC.

The 16bit, 75MHz eCOG1X offers 45MIPS processing performance representing a three-fold increase on current eCOG devices.

All Cyan's microcontrollers offer reconfigurable and flexible peripherals.

Using Cyan's free development tool CyanIDE, the designer can set up peripherals with little or no programming effort and link them to device pins which best suit the design.

This includes the eCOG1X family whose new combinations of peripherals and higher core performance will solve more intensive and complicated applications.

A new feature of CyanIDE is the 'Switch-Chip' function, which allows the designer to move an application between different microcontrollers in the Cyan range with a single button click.

This maximises design re-use and minimises the time required for device selection. For example if a product upgrade or specification change needs more memory and peripherals, the engineer can rapidly select the appropriate device and automatically reconfigure his application.

The more powerful eCOG1X makes it suitable for motor control applications - as it has dual ADCs that can simultaneously sample analogue inputs with between 6 and 12-bits resolution, and for 3-phase motors there's a dedicated 6 channel PWM output, says Cyan.

Point-of-sale developers will spot the two Smart Card interfaces with 5V tolerant I/O.

CyanIDE, with its fast configuration tool and Switch-Chip facility is the key to getting the most from all of Cyan’s microcontrollers, according to Glyn High-Tech Distribution.

Cyan's own integrated development environment, CyanIDE, includes a full ANSI C-compiler, Editor, Project File Manager, Simulator, Debugger and In-system Programmer.

CyanIDE supports Cyan's entire range of current and future microcontrollers. The software makes chip integration into customers' products simple, quick, reliable and hence less expensive while dramatically reducing development time, says Glen High-Tech Distribution.

With Flash memory options ranging from 128KB to 512KB and connectivity features, the eCOG1X also includes: a new analogue section including two flexible 12-bit DACs with a 4µs settling time, an LCD controller with support for direct and multiplexed drive of 1 to 4 backplane lines and the eICE built in emulator that can program the internal Flash.

With a fully configurable MMU and vectored interrupt modes, developers can have the real-time responsiveness needed for today's more demanding embedded applications.

The packages will initially include 68 and 100 pin QFN and 144pin BGA, with further packages and options being introduced throughout 2006.

As with all eCOG devices, development boards and reference designs will also be available.

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