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FUJITSU MB86276 LIME graphics controller available from GLYN High-Tech Distribution

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Using simple commands, the FUJITSU MB86276 LIME graphics controller, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, is capable of displaying complex images on TFT screens, displaying and scaling video streams from a camera.

High-quality text output is also easily handled, because every Windows font can be used with LIME.

PCs first started to make inroads into ordinary homes back in the eighties. It was not long after that the new technology allowed programmers to develop the first process controls and visualisations with the PC.

The key to this was Basic, a programming language characterised by its simplicity and ease of use.

The fact that this simplicity has not gone away is clearly demonstrated by GLYN-designed LIME EVB Starter Kit, in which the FUJITSU MB86276 (LIME) graphics controller is integrated.

The kit is easy to integrate into existing applications, completely taking over the graphics control. Communication with the existing application via the 16-bit data bus can be in multiplexed or non-multiplexed mode.

If neither of these is available, the communication can run via the IIC bus. At 400KBit/s, the speed of communication is adequate for simple visualisations.

The programmer is provided with an API, which is similar to the Open GL Standard. This user-friendly tool is quickly mastered.

While the API is currently available for FUJITSU MCUs, GLYN has also prepared a wide variety of utilities for other MCUs, together with base-level initialisation, using the C programming language.

The kit has a maximum 1280 x 768 resolution display capability. Various output modes are available (parallel, multiplexed, multiplexed BE mode). The LIME is capable of driving up to 2 WVGA displays in parallel mode. The Starter Kit includes 8MB SDRAM.

Integrated on the board is a Micronas VPX3226 that converts incoming video signals to the ITU656 signal, allowing up to 4 video inputs to be sequentially displayed.

The LIME continuously processes this stream, and is able to scale it and patch it into the displayed image.

The applications of the function are far-reaching, including vehicle reversing cameras or industrial equipment surveillance.

Typical applications for GLYN LIME EVB:

  • Automotive
  • In-dash navigation
  • Infotainment systems
  • Configurable instrument panel
  • Heads up display
  • Marine
  • Fish finder
  • Navigation
  • Other
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Industrial automation
Various TFT displays such as from Hitachi and Toshiba are recommended with the GLYN LIME EVB.

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