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FTDI’s ‘Embedded USB Design by Example’ by John Hyde available from Glyn

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article image FTDI’s ‘Embedded USB Design by Example’ by John Hyde

The FTDI-commissioned ‘Embedded USB Design by Example’, written by John Hyde is now available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution .  

The next part of the eagerly-awaited practical engineering guide written by leading technology author and USB guru, John Hyde to assist designers is available as a free e-book download including software code examples and FTDI documentations.  

The book complements and builds upon FTDI’s existing portfolio of product documentation to guide design engineers through the steps necessary to add USB connectivity to their system design.  

Additionally, the book identifies techniques to overcome the various practical challenges designers face in hardware and software.  

Highlights of Part 1: 

  • Basic principles of USB
  • Finer points of USB architecture
  • Fundamental USB theory
  • Building a USB device that can plug into Windows or OSX platform
  • Carrying out serial and parallel device conversion
  • Connecting to other USB devices

Highlights of Part 2: 

  • Practicalities of USB hardware and software development
  • Practical examples based on the FTDI’s family of dual USB host controllers, the Vinculum-I and Vinculum-II
  • Detailed examples of how these ICs can be utilised by progressively guiding the reader through various projects
  • Step-by-step instructions on constructing hardware and developing the associated firmware/software using free-of-charge Vinculum-II software development tool-chain
  • Useful hints and tips for practical software/hardware USB design

Part 2 of ‘Embedded USB Design by Example’ comes complete with a copy of all the developed C source code examples for each project as well as all the complete hardware details.  

Supporting FTDI’s philosophy of ‘USB Made Easy’, Part I and II of ‘Embedded USB Design by Example’ includes software code examples and documentation available for download from the FTDI website.

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