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FTDI Morph-IC modules available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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FTDI, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, offers the FTDI Morph-IC modules which combine the flexibility of the FTDI FT2232C dual channel USB to parallel FIFO/serial UART interface IC together with an Altera ACEX 1K series FPGA in a compact ready to use module.

The power and IO pins of the FTDI Morph-IC modules are brought out onto 2 x 20-pin, 0.1in pitch headers on the underside of its PCB, allowing easy connection to the pins.

The FTDI Morph-IC module can also be plugged into a PCB using readily available mating connectors (two supplied).

Morph-IC uses the Multi Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) interface of the FT2232C to program/reprogram the FPGA over USB in a fraction of a second.

No external FPGA programmer or serial EEPROM devices are required to use Morph-IC.

The FTDI Morph-IC module is powered directly from the USB port and so does not require an external power supply.

Morph-IC comes complete with a CD containing USB drivers, a Windows interface DLL with example code in several different programming languages.

A full demo project is included demonstrating how to use and interface to the module. VHDL source code and application software code (in Delphi) is included.

Linux drivers and a Linux loader program are also included for those who are interested in alternative operating systems.

The package also includes a Quartus II Software Starter Suite CD courtesy of Altera, which contains software for simulation and synthesis of the on-board FPGA, so no other software is required for FPGA development.

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