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FTDI DLP-232PC Data acquisition module available from GLYN

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FTDI, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, has now introduced DLP-232PC Data acquisition module which is ideal for data acquisition, industrial/process control, and process monitoring applications.

The DLP-232PC is an easy-to-use data acquisition module for measuring voltages, controlling and monitoring processes, and acquiring temperature data.

Each of the 14 available channels can be configured for digital I/O, or temperature modes via single-byte commands. Eight of the 14 channels can be configured to measure analogue voltages in the range of 0-5 volts. All operational power is taken from the host PC via the USB port.

The mode of each I/O is automatically changed with each command sent. For example, if an I/O is set to digital output – high and then the digital input mode is selected, the I/O is first changed to input mode and then the high/low state is read and returned to the host.

The programming interface (ICSP) is available for custom firmware development.


  • 14 Channels: Digital I/O, temperature, 8 configurable for analogue in (0-5 volts)
  • PIC18F2410 Microcontroller
  • USB Port powered
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible interface
  • Small footprint: 1.375 x .6 Inch PCB; standard 18 Pin 0.3-Inch DIP interface
  • Easy to use with single-byte commands - Can utilise a simple terminal emulator to control all functions


The DLP-232PC is a 5-volt system that derives its power from the host USB port. Each channel has the following capabilities:

  • Digital output: Set high, or clear to low. (The actual high/low voltage depends upon sink/source current.)
  • Digital input: Read the high/low state
  • Analogue in: (Channels 1-8 only) Read and return the voltage on each I/O pin using a 10-bit A/D: 0-5 volt range
  • Temperature: Measure temperature using a digital temperature sensor (purchased separately) in the range of 67 to 257°F (-55 to 125°C)

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