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Entry-level MCU available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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Cyan has released eCOG1XE01A6, an entry-level subset of its eCOG1X microcontroller (MCU) family. The eCOG1XE01A6 available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution is complementary to Cyan’s existing products. For example, in support of RF-Solved which provides a user with a customisable ISM band solution ideal for use in the intelligent sensors and automatic meter reading markets, the eCOG1XE01A6 is priced for use in the high volume and cost sensitive slave nodes.

The eCOG1XE01A6 features a 64Kbyte flash memory and retains the commonly used peripheral blocks of the eCOG1X family. An internal Harvard architecture with 8Kbytes of static RAM delivers high performance.

The chip is fully supported by CyanIDE, a free integrated development environment which includes automated peripheral configuration and an unrestricted ANSI C compiler. The eCOG1XE01A6 incorporates a number of power saving features including a highly flexible peripheral clock set up and sleep mode.

Paul Chaplin, VP of Sales EMEA comments: “The eCOG1XE01A6 is a new cost effective addition to our MCU product portfolio. The market for intelligent sensors and automatic meter reading applications is very active. RF-Solved as a ready to go solution can now deliver its benefits of propagation through obstacles such as buildings based on a low cost node powered by the eCOG1XE01A6.”

The eCOG1XE01A6 is available in a 68-pin QFN package, comprehensively supported by a low cost development board and high speed programming adaptor, along with a new release of CyanIDE (version 1.4.4).

Here are the main features of the eCOG1XE01A6:

  • 0 to 24MHz 1.8V CPU core
  • Built in Emulator (eICE)
  • Low power operation
  • 64Kbytes FLASH
  • 8Kbytes SRAM
  • Instruction cache
  • Memory management unit
  • Code security feature
  • Fast vectored interrupts
  • 2 x DUARTs
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • Multi purpose timers
  • Clock timer
  • 2 x counter / timer
  • 2 x PWM timer
  • Capture timer with 2 inputs
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Dual 12-bit 200ks/s SAR ADC
  • 2x2 channel analogue multiplexer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Power-on reset
  • 20 GPIO pins/peripheral I/O
  • 8MHz and 32kHz crystal oscillators
  • 24MHz clock from watch crystal
  • Internal relaxation oscillator
  • 3.3V supply, 1.8V core
  • 68 pin QFN package
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C

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