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Embedded web server and ethernet gateway with USB file storage development kit from Glyn

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Internet access has proliferated to such an extent, that it now seems as if everything will need to have some form of online connectivity or rapidly become obsolete.

Many new product designs can consider some form of internet connectivity to further enhance their capabilities and market demand.

Typical applications for embedded web servers include web-based device management, real-time home or industrial automation control, building security, and remote data acquisition and monitoring (such as in medical equipment and vending machines).

Serial-to-Ethernet gateways are also useful for applications such as wireless networks like ZigBee.

The addition of USB file storage such as USB flash drives on embedded web servers and Ethernet gateways further increases their versatility such as having the ability to serve more and larger web pages stored on USB flash drives which can also be edited more easily on a PC. The USB flash drives on the web servers and Ethernet gateways can also be used for data logging.

Cyan, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, is offering its eCOG1X Development Kit which can be utilised for the development of embedded web server and Ethernet gateway with USB file storage.

The eCOG1X MCU comes integrated with a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, up to 512KB Flash and 24KB SRAM and USB 2.0 On-The-Go interface.

The eCOG1X microcontroller is mounted on a detachable daughter card, which enables the different product options within the eCOG1X family to be supported with the same set of peripherals on the eCOG1X Development Kit board.

The eCOG1X Development Kit has been designed to complement Cyan’s eCOG1X family of 16-bit low power microcontrollers and together with CyanIDE Integrated Development Environment provides the embedded systems designer with a fully integrated development platform that will enable them to quickly configure and develop their application.

The CyanIDE package comes complete with an editor, full ANSI C compiler, simulator, debugger and in-system programmer. Also included is Cyan’s unique Configuration Tool that allows the microcontroller’s peripherals to be easily configured using a simple drag and drop GUI.

For these applications, Cyan provides detailed application notes and source codes such as:

  • eCOG1X Web Server with USB File Storage – includes source codes (AN65)
  • uIP TCP/IP Stack for eCOG1X – includes source codes (AN57)
  • Demonstrating TFTP with uIP – includes source codes (AN48)
  • eCOG1X USB Mass Storage with FAT File System Library – includes source codes (AN54, AN42)
  • eCOG1X USB Hardware Requirements – includes circuit schematics (AN53)

Aside from the royalty-free and open source eCOG1X port of the popular uIP TCP/IP stack, the TCP/IP stack from CMX Systems is also available for the eCOG1X. A CMX web server demo program is available from Cyan.

The peripheral (or base) board on the eCOG1X Development Kit supports plug-in module for each MCU type and has a wide range of peripherals to support other applications aside from web servers, Ethernet gateways and USB file storage. The peripheral board includes:

  • 8Mb external Flash, 128Mb SDRAM and 32Kb serial EEPROM
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PHY
  • USB 2.0 Low/Full/High Speed OTG Interface
  • PWM Motor Control Support
  • Fourteen 12-bit SAR ADC inputs with 10, 8 or 6 bit modes
  • Dual 12-bit DAC outputs with max 4 µsec conversion time
  • Support for 4 character 7 segment LCD
  • Support for ISO7816 smart card including SIM Card Holder
  • An Audio Codec with integrated headphone driver
  • RF interface header
  • Multiple serial connectors
  • JTAG support

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