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article image Vinculum embedded USB host controller IC.

FTDI, represented by Glyn High-Tech Distribution , has announced the release of the Vinculum family of embedded USB host controller devices.

The Vinculum USB host controller ICs not only handle the USB host interface and data transfer functions, but owing to the inbuilt 8/32-bit MCU and embedded Flash memory, Vinculum encapsulates the USB device classes as well.

When interfacing to mass storage devices such as USB Flash drives, Vinculum also transparently handles the FAT file structure communicating via UART, SPI or parallel FIFO interfaces via a simple to implement command set.

The initial product member of the family is the VNC1L device which features two USB ports and can be individually configured by firmware as host or slave ports.

Key VNC1L features include an 8/32 bit V-MCU core; dual DMA controllers for hardware acceleration; 64k embedded Flash program memory; 4k internal data SRAM; 2 x USB 2.0 slow/full speed host/slave ports; UART, SPI and parallel FIFO interfaces; PS2 legacy keyboard and mouse interfaces; up to 28 GPIO pins depending on configuration; 3.3V operation with 5V safe inputs; low power operation (25mA running/2mA standby); inbuilt FTDI firmware easily updated in the field; LQFP-48 RoHS compliant package; and multi-processor configuration capable.

FTDI has also released a suite of Vinculum evaluation kits for various applications to assist customers in their product development.

The VDRIVE1 is possibly the easiest solution for adding a USB Flash Drive interface to existing products. Only four signal lines plus 5V/GND require to be connected. Using the VDIF firmware from FTDI, the interface can be selected between UART or SPI modes using the on-board jumpers.

VDRIVE1 is ideal for use in commercial products such as domestic goods, set top box, etc. as well as industrial products such as data loggers, software upgradeable products, etc.

The VDIP1 module is an MCU to USB host controller development module for the VNC1L device. VDIP1 is supplied on a PCB designed to fit a 24-pin DIP socket and provides access to all UART, SPI and FIFO interface pins of the VNC1L device.

Suitable for rapid prototyping and development of VNC1L designs, a quantity discount structure also makes this module suitable for incorporation into low/medium volume finished product designs.

VMUSIC1 is ideal for adding MP3 playback from USB Flash drive capability to home entertainment and in-car audio systems, as well as other appliances requiring audio playback capability from USB Flash disks.

VF2F is a reference design for a VNC1L based stand-alone application. VF2F illustrates how to construct a file back up device for a digital camera with a USB mass storage class interface.

At the push of a button, all the picture files on the camera are copied to a unique folder of a USB Flash drive so that the digital camera memory can be re-used to take further pictures.

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