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Cyan Technology develops a range of turnkey solutions with eCOG1k 16-bit microcontroller

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UK-based microcontroller vendor, Cyan Technology (available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution), has developed an extensive suite of turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications with its powerful eCOG1k 16-bit microcontroller.

The eCOG1k microcontroller is a low-power microcontroller based on a 16-bit Harvard architecture with a 24-bit linear code address space (32Mbyte) and 16-bit linear data address space (128Kbytes). Some of the features of the eCOG1k include speeds up to 25MHz at 3.3V, powerful arithmetic operations, barrel shifter, built-in emulator (eICE), low power operation, 64Kbytes Flash EPROM, 4Kbytes SRAM, and MMU. 

The eCOG1K also incorporates a power-saving code cache, external host interface, external memory interface, fast vectored interrupts, and various interfaces such as dual UART/ USART, Smart Card Interface, SPI, I2C, infrared link support, and interfaces to 8/16/32-bit parts.  

Additional peripherals include a 4 channel 12-bit ADC, 5 multi-purpose timers, long interval timer, clock timer, PWM timers, temperature sensor, supply voltage sensor, power-on reset, 88 digital I/O pins, and 29 general purpose I/O pins. The eCOG1k is available in a 128-pin LQFP package. 

eCOG1k reference designs are available for TCP/IP networking, Operating Systems, Multiple UARTs, Asset Tracking (GSM GPRS/GPS), using a CMOS Camera and JPEG Compression, RF Networking, and Blackberry Mobile Device.

Comprehensive application notes available for the eCOG1k include various memory-related applications such as Interfacing to a Compact Flash Memory Card; FAT File System Support; Interfacing to an MMC or SD Card via SPI; Programming External Memory in CyanIDE; using External Flash for Code; using the Flash Information Block for Small EEPROM Replacement; Flash Memory Bootloader; writing Data to Flash Memory; using External Flash Memory; and using Internal Flash Memory.

Other eCOG1k application notes relate to usage of its internal peripherals such as temperature measurement, and differential ADC measurement; using the SCI Function in the DUSART; using the I2C Function in the DUSART; using Multiple Serial Ports; implementing 16-bit SPI with the User Serial Port; implementing a UART with the User Serial Port; implementing Serial Ports with Timers; using the UART Function in the DUSART; Low Power Operations; and Configuration Guidelines.

Additional eCOG1K application notes are available for various applications such as TCP/IP Stack; installing and using uCOS-II RTOS; PicOS applications such as Data Logger, Multi-Tasking, MicrelNet RF Firmware Stack Implementation; driving a 240x64 LCD; Software LCD Driver; Using a CMOS Camera; JPEG Image Compression and Decompression; CVSD Compression; Audio Output from Sound Files; a simple VoIP demonstration; Common Bus Serial Communications (RS-485); Low Power Serial Communications; using an SPI DAC; and simple Command Line Interface.

Cyan's own integrated development environment CyanIDE, which is available free of charge includes a full ANSI C-compiler, Editor, Project File Manager, Simulator, Debugger and In-system Programmer. CyanIDE supports the Cyan's entire range of current and future microcontrollers.

The software makes chip integration into customers' products simple, quick, reliable, and hence less expensive, while dramatically reducing development time.

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