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Cyan Technology appoints Glyn as its exclusive distributor

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GLYN Ltd has been recently appointed as the sole distributor for Cyan Technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Cyan Technology specialises in the design, sales and support of flexible 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers and is based in the UK. Their product development focus is on ultra low power consumption designs with high computing performance, designed in conjunction with world class software development tools.

Cyan's initial product, having already secured a number of significant design wins, is the ultra low powered eCOG1 16-bit microcontroller.

The eCOG1 offers a combination of ultra low power operation together with configurable peripherals, built-in memory management and interfacing as well as sophisticated features such as on-board ICE and debug.

Free design tools include CyanIDE, which incorporates a patent pending Configuration Tool that allows the devices peripherals to be easily reconfigured.

These features make Cyan's eCOG1 microcontroller an ideal solution for new generation products involving communications over Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi wireless interfaces.

Applications are potentially very broad but the device specifically brings benefit to areas such as remote data telemetry systems, handheld instrumentation, PDAs, EPOS and data recorders as well as integrated communications in cameras, security systems and other intelligent sensors or peripherals.

Cyan's 32-bit microcontroller (eCOG2) development is underway and is being designed to run on Linux, making it attractive for portable entertainment products and other high performance applications.

eCOG1 reference designs are now available for key applications such as Internet appliance (uIP and CMX TCP/IP stacks), multiple UARTS (up to 5 UARTs at once), RTOS (PicOS), Asset Tracker (using GPS & GSM/GPRS modules) and CMOS camera and image compression.

CyanIDE, the industry leading toolset with automatic peripheral configuration and an ANSI C Compiler, is downloadable free of charge from Cyan Technology's website.

CyanIDE allows a design engineer to use a Cyan microcontroller without resorting to instruction manuals containing hundreds of pages and at much lower cost.

Working through a graphical user interface on a personal computer, the design engineer can select the functions that the microcontroller is required to perform simply through a click, drag and drop procedure.

The software tool automatically generates the code required to configure the microcontroller, virtually instantly and without errors. What can normally take weeks is reduced to a few hours.

This integrated development environment then provides support for the writing of the customer's own product application software.

Ease of use, faster programming and automatic generation of code means fewer errors and shorter product development.

Customers benefit from lower costs, shorter time to market, longer product lifetimes and increased market share.

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