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Compact ultracapacitor cells for automotive and industrial applications

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article image BCAP0310 P250 310-farad cell

MAXWELL Technologies has introduced power-type versions of its BOOSTCAP "D-Cell" ultracapacitor cells, packs and modules to provide high-performance, "life-of-the system" alternatives to batteries for automotive electrical power network stabilisation and industrial applications.

Available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution , the new, flashlight battery size, BCAP0310 P250 310-farad cell and compact, fully integrated, six-cell 15V packs and modules provide simple, low-cost, backup power solutions to avoid malfunctions that occur when multiple simultaneous electrical power demands cause a "voltage sag" that can upset microprocessors that manage electrical subsystems in modern vehicles.

Representative industrial applications include power on demand for robotic systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), telecommunication power buffering and back-up, aircraft door and air bag actuation, and solar energy system augmentation.

With more than 60 million new cars rolling off assembly lines around the world each year, and the proliferation of power-consuming luxury and safety features in current and future vehicles, automotive power network stabilisation represents an immediate and very sizeable opportunity for ultracapacitor-based solutions says Maxwell.

The BCAP0310 P250 is an alternative to battery-based solutions for hybrid drive systems, idle stop-start, all-electric braking and steering and other applications in addition to power network stabilization, according to Maxwell.

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