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CWDM optical fibre communication semiconductor laser

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MITSUBISHI Electric Corporation, represented by Glyn , has announced it has completed development of its ML9xx40 series CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical fiber communication semiconductor laser as well as the Transmitter Optical Sub Assembly (TOSA) equipped FU-60RDF series.

The semiconductor can operate between 0 to 85 degrees Celsius without temperature control. With its CWDM transmissions of 2.5Gbps over 100km, this semiconductor will realise a compact, low cost and low energy consumption optical fibre system with large transmission capacity for use in metro areas networks over distances of 20km-100km.

Features of the new products include:

1) Realisation of 2.5 Gbps transmission over 100 km between 0-85 degrees Celsius

In contrast to conventional uniform grating used until now, we utilised quarter-wavelength phase shifted grating to realise a stable single wavelength communication at even 2.5Gbps modulation at a wide temperature range of 0-85 degrees Celsius.

The waves produced by the laser are produced between 1470-1610nm, where losses to optical fibre are small, so transmission of 100km is possible.

2) Using eight possible different wavelengths, 20Gbps transmission possible

We realised a DFB-LD that uses eight different wavelengths at 20nm intervals between wavelengths of 1470-1610nm. It is possible for one fibre to transmit a total of 20Gbps.

3) Stable operation up to 85 degrees Celsius, contribution to miniaturisation of communication equipment

Using quarter-wavelength phase-shifted grating, we have been able to make a stable single wave operation. This will simplify heat emission from transmission equipment and contribute to miniaturisation. Compared to previous uniform diffractive grating, an extremely stable single wave oscillation can be achieved.

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