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Bluegiga releases web-based remote management platform for Bluetooth networks

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Bluegiga, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, releases its Bluegiga Solution Manager (BSM), a web-based remote management and monitoring platform for its Bluetooth Access Servers.

Bluegiga's Access Servers enables Bluetooth networking between multiple devices and networks and serves up to 21 simultaneous Bluetooth connections with the new Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard (3Mbps).

By using BSM, you can simultaneously upgrade, monitor and configure a large number of Bluegiga Access Servers, instead of configuring each device one-by-one.

Key features:

  • Provides remote management of simultaneous Bluegiga Access Servers
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Can be used over LAN, GPRS, or any other Internet connection type
  • Communicates by using secure, encrypted network protocols
  • Works seamlessly trough firewalls
  • Enables remote upgrades of Access Server software and content
  • APIs available enabling total customization of look and feel
  • User permissions can be tailored to provide different levels of user accounts
  • Enables management for the Bluegiga ObexSender application
Bluegiga Solution Manager makes it possible to manage deployments of Bluegiga Access Servers from a single point by a heterogeneous group of administrators and users.

BSM also enables content management for the Bluegiga ObexSender application. BSM is designed for both companies looking for a ready-made management tool, and companies needing a customisable platform for tailoring the user interfaces and re-branding the system.

BSM is available as a hosted service or as a CD-ROM delivery for customers installing the system on their own server hardware.

BSM Software together with Bluegiga Access Server is targeted at system integrators, developers and original equipment manufacturers wanting to deploy a secure, cost effective, low power consuming wireless network for Bluetooth-equipped devices.

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