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Bluegiga enables development of Bluetooth 4.0 accessories for iPhone 4S

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Bluegiga Technologies, available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution introduces a new reference implementation of its BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode low energy platform allowing companies to quickly create Bluetooth 4.0 accessories compatible with Apple’s iPhone 4S.

With the iPhone 4S smart phone supporting the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard, designers now have the opportunity to create a new breed of low power wireless sensing devices that can communicate with a mobile device while still providing connectivity to traditional Bluetooth headset and HID devices.

Mikko Savolainen, VP Product Management comments that the release of iPhone 4S is a great milestone for the entire Bluetooth community and begins a new era of Bluetooth accessory development, a trend he is certain will be quickly followed by Android and Windows mobile devices.

Bluegiga Technologies has developed a reference platform for OEMs to quickly develop and deploy Bluetooth 4.0 applications. The reference platform consists of the BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode development kit, Bluetooth 4.0 software development kit and reference application for iOS5.

Bluegiga also provides example applications for accessories such as proximity tags, heart rate sensors and thermometers to simplify the development process for designers and reduce product time to market.

The BLE112 development kit consists of Bluegiga’s BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode development board with integrated accelerometer, display, temperature, potentiometer and battery sensor. The development kit will allow OEMs to quickly prototype Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and gives software developers a platform to rapidly develop applications.

Bluegiga’s Bluetooth 4.0 software development kit includes tools for creating Bluetooth 4.0 profiles with simple XML schema and standalone Bluetooth 4.0 applications utilising the processing power of the BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode module.

Bluegiga’s heart rate reference application for Apple’s iOS5 shows developers how to connect Bluetooth 4.0 devices with iOS5 and exchange data back and forth over the Bluetooth link.

According to Antti Sivula, CEO, Bluegiga understands the pressures of time to market and wants to make Bluetooth accessory development as easy as possible for customers. The reference implementation provides OEMs a great foundation to rapidly create a Bluetooth 4.0 accessory and generate revenue quickly for their business.  

Bluegiga’s Bluetooth 4.0 products:

  • BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 development kit
  • BLE112 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode module
  • BLED112 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode USB dongle

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