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Bluegiga WT11 Class 1 and WT12 Class 2 modules available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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Bluegiga Technologies’ OEM Bluetooth module with health device profile enables safe integration of wireless connectivity for health and medical devices. Bluegiga Technologies, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , have announced that their OEM Bluetooth modules are now available with Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP).

The health device profile is integrated into Bluegiga’s iWRAP firmware, running inside the Bluegiga module, simplifying and reducing the need for engineering and testing time for any type of health or medical device.

Bluegiga Technologies’ health device Bluetooth profile with Bluegiga OEM module helps a device manufacturer to develop wireless features into existing or new devices with limited amount of engineering. According to Bluegiga Technologies, OEM Bluetooth modules are supported by Bluegiga, which means that for the OEMs, Bluegiga is a single point of contact for any kind of development or support.

The health device profile is available for both Bluegiga WT11 Class 1 module and Bluegiga WT12 Class 2 module, which uses CSR silicon and run Bluegiga’s iWRAP Bluetooth connectivity firmware.

Bluegiga Technologies offer HDP for CSR based silicon. Bluegiga Technologies access servers and access points will support the HDP Bluetooth profile later in 2009, enabling integrators to set up secure telehealth networks utilising Bluetooth.

Bluegiga Technologies observe that the HDP enabled Bluegiga Bluetooth modules allow OEMs to make sure that the Bluetooth project meets quality standards with reliability.

Bluegiga Technologies further add that they have health and medical device manufacturer customers for their OEM modules and access servers and this new health device profile will also help them to make the products compatible with other medical device manufacturers. The health device profile is now available for testing and development purposes.

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