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With over 80% of mobile phones in the world will be Bluetooth-enabled by 2009 according to a new market research, the opportunity is practically limitless to use this new media for advertisement and digital content distribution.

Bluetooth proximity marketing (BPM) is a great new way to communicate directly with your customers where advertising or other digital content in the form of text, static or animated graphics, video clips, and Java applications can be easily and freely distributed to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

With Bluegiga Access Server, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , this functionality can now be easily integrated into kiosks, vending machines, billboards and signs, or even as stand-alone or networked device.

The system can be implemented with completely autonomous push feature or the user may have the option to pull the information. Marketing statistics such as number of downloads over a period of time is also provided. Customised content downloads depending on the mobile phone model is also possible with the Access Server.

The Bluegiga Access Server is a Linux-based system designed to meet the demands of reliable, flexible and powerful Bluetooth local information systems where up to 21 simultaneous cell phone connections are supported via a single Access Server.

The Bluegiga Access Server is available in integrated or external antenna versions. For application development and customisation, an SDK is also available.

An outdoor installation kit with rugged housing is available as an option. Also available is a mounting accessory kit where the Access Server can be firmly and securely placed on walls and ceilings.

Bluegiga Access Servers can be grouped together, managed and monitored over secure connections with Bluegiga Solution Manager (BSM) via Ethernet.

Wi-Fi or GSM/GPRS network connectivity is provided with an external CF card option. The BSM system is especially useful for remote management of numerous Access Servers deployed in geographically dispersed locations.

Aside from Bluetooth content and application distribution to mobile phones and PDAs, the Bluegiga Access Server can be used for other applications such as:

  • Bluetooth-to-TCP/IP networking
  • Network access point
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Logistics and transportation systems
  • Telemetry and machine-to-machine systems
  • Medical and health care systems
  • Fitness and sport telemetry systems
  • Cable replacement

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