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AL320C Analog LCD Display Controller from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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AverLogic, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , have introduced their AL320C Analog LCD Display Controller, which is suitable for applications such as LCD Game Screen (PS2/Mini-PS2), Automobile Camera & DVR system, PMP (Personal Media Player), In-Car TV & Entertainment System, Portable TV/DTV and Portable DVD Player.

Support 10 bit ADC, AGC, and ACC

  • Support Auto Multi-Standard NTSC/PAL/SECAM mode detection
  • Support Weak & Non-Standard Signal mode detection
  • Adaptive 2D Comb-Filter Video Decoding for Y/C separation

Digital input:

  • Support ITU-R BT-656 Digital Input

Video input:

  • Closed Caption/ V-Chip/ WSS/ WSS-J VBI decoding
  • Macrovision copy protection detection
  • Contrast/ Brightness/ Hue/ Saturation adjustment
  • Sharpness adjustment for Edge enhancement
  • Digital Chrominance Transient Improvement (DCTI)
  • YCbCr to RGB Colour Space Conversion
  • Programmable H/V up and down scaling
  • 4:3 to/ from 16:9 conversion
  • Programmable 3-Channel Gamma Correction


  • Built-in internal OSD 4K bytes RAM for programmable OSD function
  • Support up to 4 OSD colors
  • Support OSD Blinking & Blending
  • Support Programmable OSD Window Position
  • Support programmable OSD window size

Analog Output and Tcon

  • Support Analog LCD panels: 960x234, 1200x234, 1440x234, 1920x234, etc.
  • Low Power 3-CH DACs for Analogue RGB Output
  • Programmable TCON for various Analogue LCD panels
  • Support image mirror and flip functions

Aside from the AL320C which is in full production, AverLogic are also planning on releasing two other LCD Display Controllers (AL321B and AL330B) in the second half of 2008, targeting users of sub 10” panels and OLEDs. All three panels feature integrated decoders and operating temperature of –20/+85. The 321B and 330B also integrate an 8051uC.

320C demo units (7” LCD) are available now. There is limited availability of 320C+OLED demo units. 321/33 demo units will be available in Q3/Q4.

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