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4D Systems’ 3.2” QVGA touch screen Smart display module available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution

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article image 4D Systems’ 3.2” QVGA touch screen Smart display module

4D Systems, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution , introduce the µLCD-32032-P1T, a 3.2" size, cost effective all in one Smart display module, using LCD TFT technology with an embedded PICASO-GFX graphics controller that delivers stand-alone functionality to any project. The easy to learn and use 4D Graphics Language (4DGL) with its vast built in library functions will allow rapid application development.

4DGL is a graphics oriented programming language that enables the developer to write applications in a high level syntax similar to languages such as BASIC, C, Pascal and run it directly on the PICASO-GFX processor embedded in the µLCD-3202X-P1T module.

4DGL allows the user to take complete control of all available resources on the hardware platform such as the Serial Port, Graphics AMOLED Display, µSD memory card and I/O pins. This eliminates the need for an external host controller/processor to drive the µLCD-3202X-P1T module via serial commands. It provides the user complete control over the hardware module, while allowing them to quickly develop powerful applications.

The µLCD-32032-P1T module can be integrated into a variety of different applications via a diverse range of features that have been designed to facilitate any given functionality quickly and cost effectively and thus reduce time to market. These features are as follows:

  • 3.2” QVGA 240 x RGB x 320 pixel resolution with 256, 65K or 262K true to life colours enhanced TFT screen
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Module size including PCB ranging to about 55.1 x 77.0 x 14.0mm
  • Display viewing area of 48.6 x 64.8mm
  • Easy 5 pin user interface (VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET) to any 4D micro-USB module such as the μUSB-MB5 or the μUSB-CE5
  • Voltage supply from 4.5V to 5.5V, current at 90mA nominal when using a 5.0V supply source
  • Onboard micro-SD (μSD) memory card adaptor with full FAT16 file support for storing and executing 4DGL programs, files, icons, images, animations, video clips and audio wave files.
  • Powered by the fully integrated PICASO-GFX graphics processor
  • Built in 4DGL graphics and system library functions
  • 2 x 30 pin headers for I/O expansion and future plug-in daughter boards
  • Audio amplifier with a tiny 8 Ohms speaker for sound generation and wave file playback
  • Mechanical support via 4 mounting tabs which can be snapped off

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