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Concrete repair services offered by Glosscrete

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Glosscrete  offers its business services to provide quality workmanship for transformation of old and dull concrete to a high gloss surface for exterior and interior uses. Services offered by Glosscrete is a suitable substitute to other conventional finishes and it provides a visually pleasing and durable surface as well.

Other problems related to floor preparation such as removal of surface blemishes, uneven surfaces and application of a range of surface finishes are also resolved by Glosscrete.

Glosscrete offers a wide range of service including grinding of concrete, polishing of concrete, levelling of concrete and sealing of concrete.

Glosscrete also offers services to repair concrete with cracks and for concrete which has been damaged by rain. Glosscrete deals with every aspect of floor preparation, removal of glue, epoxys and resins and application of floor paints and sealers.

Glosscrete offers flooring services where it cuts, polishes and seals the surfaces to provide a classy and modern effect. Glosscrete offers polished, ground and stained surfaces which prove to be aesthetically pleasing for domestic and commercial floors. Surfaces offered by Glosscrete are ground, polished, cut and stained to resemble diagonal tiles. These surfaces are suitable for interiors.

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