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TSCA automatic sealing and clipping machine introduced

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TSCA automatic sealing and clipping machine has been introduced. The TSCA offers cutting edge clipping and sealing operation in one machine. The TSCA’s compact design makes it easy to handle, and its features make it user-friendly.

There are two models available:
The TSCA-N used for processed meat, and dairy production.
The TSCA-65 used in industrial applications, for mastics such as adhesives, sealants and explosives.

The TSCA processes all sealable films: mono, coated films and multilayer laminations. The economical flat film (from a roll) is sealed into a ready-to-fill tube, which is then filled and securely closed with the integrated clipper using the double clip process. The machine can process rolls of up to 1,500 metres of flat film, which allows continuous production.

Features of both the TSCA-N and the TSCA-65:

Fully automatic
The fully automatic operation of the TSCA is unique. There is little intervention or adjustment required by the operator, thus continuous automatic production is possible.

Touch screen display and program memory
Both the production processes of sealing and clipping can be controlled via a central unit. A colour touch panel with high-resolution graphics guides the operator through the individually selectable programs of the menu during setup. Different product-specific settings can be saved in memory. The safety glass screen provides a clear view of the production process at all times. In the rare case of stoppages, the plain text display shows the precise description of the problem to allow simple troubleshooting.

High quality stainless steel for easy cleaning
Smooth stainless steel surfaces and compact design make the TSCA easy to clean, which is of considerable advantage in the case of industrial mastics and for food processing sanitation requirements.

Price/performance ratio
The user can save money with the TSCA by using economical flat film instead of pre sealed shirred casings. Film or casing wastage is greatly reduced, as film reloads are reduced by up to 97%. Non stop production from TSCA not only shows massive productivity increases, but frees up production staff for other operations.

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